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09 november 2009

From the Thomas Fessler collection: "Only women bleed - Diff. label" from Argentina and "Only women - Test pressing for promo" from USA (Rare records) are added.

07 november 2009

From Thomas Fessler collection:"You & me - Promo - 2 diff. version  from Philippines and "School's out - Disc jokey" from Canada (Rare records) are added.

+ In the rare records/Acetate section, from the Ingo Kaross collection: "Pretties for you - EP" unknown country is added.

03 november 2009

"Whish you were here", "You and me", "How you gonna see me now", "Clones (we're all)" and "Talk talk"  from GERMANY are added

30 october 2009

"Under my wheels", "School'sOut - two diff. palm tree labels " Elected - Palm tree label", "Hello Hurray - Palm tree label", "Hello Hurray - diff. green labels", "No more mr nice guy - Palm tree labels", "School's Out - Gold Standard 2 diff versions", "Welcome to my Nightmare", "I never cry - Stock copy", "You and me - Diff labels", "I never cry - Gold Standard", "Talk, Talk - Stock copy" and "He's back (The man behind the Mask) Stock copy",  from CANADA are added

29 october 2009

Thanks to Thomas Fessler, "Easy Action - Radio Spots", "Love it to death - Radio Spots" and " Too Young (Billion Dollar Babies band) - Stock copy" from USA are added ! You can watch them in the Pre-Alice Cooper & Related and Rare Records sections...

Still from the Thomas collection, "Caught in a dream - Stock Copy"and "No more mr nice guy - Promo" from Philippines + "School's Out E.P. - Different palm trees label" from Australia are added too !

I also add more from Germany: "Elected", "Hello Hurray", "Hello Hooray", "No more mr nice guy", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Teenage Lament '74", "Muscle of love", "Department of Youth", "Only Women" and "Welcome to my nightmare"... most of them have different labels or promo copy !

15 october 2009

"Under my Wheels", "Be my Lover", "School's Out - 1st and 2nd versions" from Germany are added

14 october 2009

Thomas Fessler strikes again ! A new country: Malaysia, with the "Eighteen - EP" !

And still from his fabulous collection: "Department of Youth" from Holland and perfect scans for "Hello Hurray" and  " No more mr nice guyfrom South Africa are  added !

13 october 2009

From the Thomas Fessler collection: "Be my Lover", "School's Out - Green and Palm Tree labels",  " Hello Hurray - Promo", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Department of Youth", "I never cry - Diff Palm tree and Grey labels", "You and me - Grey labels", "How you gonna see me now - Palm tree Labels" and better scans for "Clones (we're all)" from Philippines are added too !

+ a new musical postcard from Poland, "School's Out", is added.

06 october 2009

Thanks to Thomas Fessler: "School's Out" and  "You and me- Palm Tree labels" from El Salvador (which is now complete) are added.

+ Still from his amazing collection: "Eighteen" from Philippines is added too !

29 september 2009

"Under my Wheels", "Be my Lover", "School's out", "Elected - 2 diff. versions", "Hello Hurray", "No more mr Nice guy",  "School's Out - Chouchou", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Teenage Lament '74", "Muscle of Love", "Department of Youth", "Only Women", "I never cry", "You and me", "How you gonna see me now - Promo", "Clones (we're all)", "Who do you think we are", "I'm the Future" and "He's back (the man behind the mask)" from France (which is now complete !) are added.

28 september 2009

"Department of Youth - Juke Box", "Department of Youth", "You and me", "How you gonna see me now", "Clones - Juke Box", "Clones (we're all)",  "You want it, you got it - Juke Box", "You want it, you got it", and "I'm the Future" from Italy (which is now complete !) are added.

15 september 2009

"School's Out - Juke Box", "School's Out", "Elected", "Hello Hooray", "No more mr Nice Guy", and "Teenage Lament '74",  from Italy are added.

10 september 2009

"Only Women", "Department of Youth", "I never cry", "You and me", "(No more) Love at your Convenience", "School's Out - Live", "How you gonna see me now", "From the Inside", "Clones (we're all)", "Talk Talk", "You want it, you got it", "Seven and Seven is",  and "He's back (the man behind the Mask)"  from Canada (which is now complete) are added.

09 september 2009

Thanks to Thomas Fessler, perfect scans for "Billion Dollar Babies" from Austria is added.

"Hello Hurray - Double Promo", "No more mr Nice Guy", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Teenage Lament '74", "Department of Youth", "I never cry", "You and me", "How you gonna see me now", "Clones" and "He's Back (the man behind the Mask)" from Japan (which is now complete) are added.

"Eighteen - Back to Back hits", "Under my Wheels", "Be my Lover", "School's Out - 2 diff. versions", "Elected", "Hello Hurray", "No more mr Nice Guy", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Hello Hurray - Back to Back Hits" and "Teenage Lament '74"  from Canada are added.

23 August 2009

"School's Out", "Elected" and "Elected - Promo" from Japan are added.

11 August 2009

From Ingo Kaross collection,  "No more Mr Nice Guy - Promo" and "I'm Flash - Promo" from Mexico is added + "Caught in a Dream - Promo"  from Philippines is added.

08 August 2009

Not a lot of time for the moment...

+ "Under my Wheels" from Japan is added.

24 july 2009

More Incredible news !

Thomas Fessler send me something never seen before :

"How you gonna see me now"  from South Africa !!!

+ "Teenage Lament '74" from South Africa  too and better scan for "You & Me - Warner Promo" from Venezuela are added thanks to him.

+ From the marvelous collection of Ingo Kaross: "Mary Anne (note the spelling !) " Acetate from USA is added in the Rare Records section !

Maurice Gowin provides some scans for the "School's Out - Promo" from Philippines, which are now added !

+ "Hello Hooray" and "Muscle of Love" from Japan are added.

23 july 2009

The Incredible news !

Ingo Kaross send me some amazing scans: "Eighteen" from South Africa, a different "Clones" from Ecuador (with complete Spanish language), and complete "You and Me - Promo" from Venezuela by Polydor !

That's not all ! Here are the ones from Thomas Fessler :

"No More Mr Nice Guy", "Billion Dollar Babies - 2 versions" and "Teenage Lament '74"  for Sweden + "No More Mr Nice Guy" from Norway  (Which is a NEW COUNTRY !) are added !

22 july 2009

Thomas Fessler strikes back ! Here are:

"Elected - What's It All About"  for USA in rare records section is added !

+ "School's Out - 6 diff. versions" and "Elected - 9 diff. versions" postcards from Poland added !

16 july 2009

"School's Out - 2 versions", "Elected - 2 versions"  and "Generation Landslide - 2 versions" postcards for Poland (which is now complete) are added !

15 july 2009

 From the Thomas Fessler collection, "Eighteen - PROMO", "Be my lover - PROMO " for Australia were added !

+ Always thanks to Thomas, better scans for "Be my Lover", "School's Out" and "Elected" for Greece are added !

"Prise de la Bastille", Anonymous, National Museum of Versailles Castle

14 july 2009


French national holiday: Bastille day ! Nothing more but this little picture is added :)


Guillotin was not very far...

13 july 2009

 From the Thomas Fessler collection, "Eighteen", "Under my Wheels",  "Hello Hurray", "Billion Dollar Babies",  and "Muscle of Love"  for Greece were added !

+ "Eighteen" for Germany, "Eighteen" for Italy, "Eighteen" and "Caught in a Dream" for Japan are added !

12 july 2009

 Still from the Thomas Fessler collection,  "School's Out" for Austria + "Only Woman"  and "School's Out (live)" for New Zealand + "You & me" for Venezuela are added !

+ A new section, always thanks to Thomas: Radio Spots in the Rare Records section, begin with a rare record for "Welcome to my Nightmare"

+ From another great collector jewels, Ingo Kaross, the very hard to find "Eighteen" from Holland + "School's Out" test pressing from Japan is added ! Thanks a lot, Ingo !

+ Provided by Maurice Gowin, the A side for "You and Me" from Venezuela, but by Polydor !!!

08 july 2009

 Still from the Thomas Fessler collection, "Eighteen"  for Singapore is added !

This Guy is really amazing ! Thanks to him, "He's back" from Bolivia (!) is also added !!

Thanks again, Thomas !!!

+ "Eighteen", b'side of  "Caught in a dream", "Be my Lover", "School's Out", "Elected" A'side of "Hello Hurray", "No more Mr Nice Guy", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Teenage Lament '74", "Department of Youth", "I never cry", "You and me", "(No more) Love at your convenience", "How you gonna see me now", "From the Inside" and "Clones (we're all)"  for New Zealand (which is now complete, as far as I can) are added...

07 july 2009

Thomas Fessler send me some cool scans ! Thanks to him, here are some good news:

 "Eighteen"  for Portugal is added !

+ "Elected", "Hello Hurray", "No more Mr Nice Guy" and "Teenage Lament '74"  for Turkey are added...

And last, an astounding one: "Eighteen" for Venezuela is added too !!

Thanks a lot, Thomas !!!

23 june 2009

 "Clones (we're all)"  for Ecuador is added !

+ "Reflected", "Shoe Salesman" and "Eighteen"  for U.S.A are added...

21 june 2009

 Thanks to a new Coop' fan and friend, Maurice Gowin, "Elected" for Austria is added... Thanks a lot, Maurice ! + "Shoe Salesman" , "Eighteen", and "Caught in a dream (2 versions)" for Canada are added

16 june 2009

 "Elected", "No more Mr Nice guy", "Teenage Lament '74", "Only Women bleed", "I never cry","You and me" "How you gonna see me now", "Clones (we're all)"  for Philippines added...

25 may 2009

 "Be my Lover", "School's Out", "Elected", "Hello Hurray", "No more Mr niceGuy", "Billion Dollar Babies" , "Teenage Lament '74", "Muscle of Love", "Department of Youth", "Go to Hell", "Clones (we're all)" and "I'm the Future"  for Portugal added...

13 may 2009

 "Under my Wheels - France", "School's Out (Chouchou) - France", "I Never cry - France" and "Hey Stoopid - USA in Test Pressing (Rare records)  are added...

08 may 2009

 "Eighteen" for Singapore is added...

22 april 2009

 "School's Out", "Elected" and "Hello Hurray" for Sweden + "You & me" for Venezuela + "School's Out", "Elected", "Hello Hurray", "Teenage Lament '74", "Department of Youth",  and "You & Me" for Yugoslavia are added...

18 april 2009

 "Eighteen", "School's Out", "Only Women Bleed", "I Never Cry", "You & Me", "How you gonna see me now", "Clones", "You want it, you got it", "Poison", "Only my Heart talkin'" and "Love's a loaded Gun"  for Mexico + "Clones" for Peru + "School's Out" and "Elected" for Singapore + "Teenage Lament '74" for Turkey are added...

15 april 2009

 "School's out" for Argentina is added... + "Test Pressing" section in 'rare records' page added.

14 april 2009

 "No More Mr Nice Guy" for Israel added + "School's Out" for South Africa added + Thanks to Rohan Cox, complete "Eighteen"  single for Argentina is added + "Caught in a dream", "Be my Lover", "Elected", "Teenage Lament '74" and "I'm the Future" for Australia is added too...

13 april 2009

 "I Never Cry", "I Never Cry E.P.", "You & Me", "You & Me E.P.", "Super Quentes E.P.", "How you gonna see me now", "How you gonna see me now E.P.", "Best Of E.P.", "Clones" and "You want it, you got it" for Brazil added (Brazil is now complete!) + "Eighteen", "Be my Lover", "School's Out", "Elected" for Greece added + "Poison" for Ireland +  "School's Out" and "Elected" for Israel added + "Eighteen" for Lebanon + "Hello Hurray", "No More Mr Nice Guy", "Billion Dollar Babies" and "I'm Eighteen - Greatest Hits"  for South Africa added...

29 march 2009

 The country page is complete with all flags...

20 march 2009

 "Eighteen", "Elected", "Department of Youth" for Denmark + "I'm the Future"  for Ecuador + "You and Me" for El Salvador + "He's Back" for Guatemala added...

19 march 2009

 "I'm Flash" Acetate record (rare records section) + "School's Out", "Elected",  "Hello Hooray" , "No more Mr Nice Guy", "Billion Dollar Babies", " Teenage Lament '74", "Muscle of Love" and "Some Folks E.P. " for Brazil added... And there's a new banner !

16 march 2009

 "Only women bleed (first version)", "Clones", "Bed of Nails", "House of Fire" and "Only my heart talkin'"  for Australia + " Hello Hurray" and "Billion Dollar babies " for Austria + "Department of Youth" and "How you gonna se me now" for Belgium + "Eighteen", "Under my Wheels" and "Be my Lover" for Brazil added...

13 december 2008

Only "Department of youth", "Only women bleed", "I never cry", "You and me", "(No more) Love at your convenience", "How you gonna see me now",  "From the inside", "You want it, you got it", "He's back", "Teenage Frankenstein" and "Poison" for Australia added...

04 august 2008

Only "Eighteen", "School's Out", "School's Out E.P.", "Hello Hurray" and "Generation Landslide"  for Australia added...

31 july 2008

"The album"  Menu is Complete !

"Argentina" is Complete with 4 singles !

29 july

Some works on "the album" menu.

The "Pre Alice Cooper and related" section is complete !

The "Rare Records" section is complete !

28 july - A new start !

Didn't have a lot of time, but I try to make some things...

Only "News about Alice..." is available, with a cool flipper.

And the trailer for the new album is added on the Welcome page.